About the book

Cross Cultural Business Behaviour

Copenhagen Business School Press, 2012

ISBN: 978-87-630-0238-7

The first edition of CCBB was based on Richard Gesteland’s three decades of working with customers, suppliers, colleagues and employees in over 50 different countries on eight expatriate assignments. Early editions were welcomed by Western companies struggling to negotiate market entry into developing economies – and by their negotiating partners, mystified by Westerners’ weird business behavior.

Cultures change, so Business Behavior Profiles were updated in later editions. Readers’ needs also change. Western business people needed help in the early 2000’s to manage new subsidiaries and branch offices around the world while at the same time Asian readers wanted to understand Western expectations and assumptions. So CCBB added new cases, examples and anecdotes on Managing across Cultures.

Hence the subtitle of this latest edition: A Guide to Global Management.

Oregon, Wisconsin
Summer 2018