Cross Cultural Business Behaviour

Welcome to the website

This website is our response to requests from readers around the world. For example, teachers at business colleges, universities and engineering schools who ask for solutions to the cases in Cross-Cultural Business Behavior. So here they are, TEN CASES – the most popular ones in the book, along with the detailed solutions and explanations that teachers and trainers find useful. 


Here are the most-frequently-asked questions from readers as well as from hundreds of participants in Global Management lectures and workshops.


See the videoes where I present my book Cross Cultural Business Behaviour and speak about Danes Managing Across Cultures in the BRIC Countries

New Cases with Solutions and Discussions

These cases never found room in Cross-Cultural Business Behavior but have been tried and tested in recent Global Management workshops around the world. Here too you will find the requested solutions and discussions. 

About the book and the author

We think readers will enjoy this background to Cross-Cultural Business Behavior. This is for readers interested in what motivated and qualified Richard to write the five editions of Cross-Cultural Business Behavior.